How Do I Sue My NJ Employer For Discrimination?

How do I sue my NJ employer for discrimination?  You should take the following steps to sue for discrimination in New Jersey. Ways You Can Sue Your NJ Employer for Discrimination First of all, when considering a lawsuit, you should speak to a New Jersey discrimination attorney to discuss your options.  Your options may include: […]

What is Military Service Discrimination? Military service in the United States Military is considered honorable and patriotic. However, military service is a protected class under the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination. This article discusses why Military Service is a protected class. Discrimination against a member of the service comes up when he or she is […]

When you receive a severance agreement from your job, you should have it reviewed by an employment attorney. There are a number of reasons why this is recommended. Most employers will require you to give up your rights to ever sue the company again. The severance agreement will likely contain a release or waiver of […]

There are several different ways that an employee can sue for workplace discrimination. A workplace discrimination victim can sue in New Jersey state court. The New Jersey Law Against Discrimination protects New Jersey employees from workplace discrimination and retaliation.  Each County has its own Superior Court.  A victim has two years to sue under the […]

New Jersey employment law on disability prohibits employers from discriminating against the disabled. New Jersey discrimination laws also places a duty on an employer to provide a reasonable accommodation to a disabled employee. The employer must make a reasonable accommodation for a disabled employee unless the employer can show that the accommodation would impose an […]