How Do I Sue My NJ Employer For Discrimination?

How do I sue my NJ employer for discrimination?  You should take the following steps to sue for discrimination in New Jersey.

Ways You Can Sue Your NJ Employer for Discrimination

First of all, when considering a lawsuit, you should speak to a New Jersey discrimination attorney to discuss your options.  Your options may include:

  1. Filing a lawsuit in New Jersey Superior Court;
  2. Filing a Charge of Discrimination with the EEOC;
  3. After the EEOC is finished handling the matter, filing a lawsuit in the New Jersey U.S. District Court;
  4. Filing a Complaint with the New Jersey Division on Civil Rights.

Reason to Hire a NJ Employment Attorney

Next, you should hire an attorney who is experienced with discrimination cases.  Discrimination cases are complicated because they are focused on what an employer was thinking.  To win a discrimination case, you must prove that your employer was motivated by a protected trait.  For example, protected traits include gender, race, disability, pregnancy, religion, age, and military status.  Therefore, in a winning case, the plaintiff proves that the employer fired him/her as a result of their gender or race, etc.

In many situations, employers hire large, very experienced law firms to represent them.  For you to have a real chance at winning a discrimination case , it is important to hire experienced counsel.

Ways a NJ Employment Attorney Will Benefit You

If you are going to sue your employer for discrimination in New Jersey, you will benefit from hiring an experienced New Jersey discrimination attorney in many ways.  For example, an experienced New Jersey discrimination attorney:

  1. knows the types of documents to request from the employer;
  2. knows the types of questions to ask the employer’s witnesses at deposition;
  3. has established relationships with expert witnesses;
  4. Knows how to win a case at trial.

NJ Employment Attorney Ronald J. Wronko, Esq.

Ronald J. Wronko, Esq., is an experienced New Jersey discrimination attorney.  He has been successful in discrimination and other employment cases.  If your NJ employer has discriminated against you, you should contact him at (973) 360-1001 or e-mail him at ron@ronwronkolaw.  You can also visit his website at