What is Military Service Discrimination?

What is Military Service Discrimination?

Military service in the United States Military is considered honorable and patriotic. However, military service is a protected class under the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination. This article discusses why Military Service is a protected class.

Discrimination against a member of the service comes up when he or she is also holding a job. Military service can be demanding. For instance, members of the National Guard may be forced to miss time from work for training exercises. There could also be deployment that would pull an employee away from his or her job.

How Does Military Service Impact Employers?

When an employee is pulled from her or his job by military service, it could place a strain on an employer. The employer still has a business to run and has to manage the absence. This is the key area where Military Service and private employment are likely to conflict.

A supervisor can become frustrated with a member of the service because of attendance issues. Such frustration can result in sarcastic remarks and harassment. It can also manifest itself in unfair performance reviews or discipline. It could even result in a wrongful termination.

New Jersey Law Against Discrimination Prohibits Military Status Discrimination

The New Jersey Law Against Discrimination provides members of the military with a potential avenue to redress such wrongful discrimination. A successful plaintiff can recover lost wages, emotional distress damages, statutory attorneys fees and punitive damages.

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