Ronald Wronko, Esq. Speaks On Ethics and Legal Malpractice

On March 28, 2020, Ronald Wronko, Esq., was a panelist at the NJICLE Seminar entitled 2020 Legal Malpractice Update.  Mr. Wronko spoke on the issue of whether a claim for Legal Malpractice can be proven through an ethics violation.  Mr. Wronko analyzed recent case law developments on the use of ethics violations to try to […]

How do I sue my NJ employer for discrimination?  You should take the following steps to sue for discrimination in New Jersey. Ways You Can Sue Your NJ Employer for Discrimination First of all, when considering a lawsuit, you should speak to a New Jersey discrimination attorney to discuss your options.  Your options may include: […]

How do I sue my lawyer for malpractice in New Jersey? Steps For Suing For Legal Malpractice You need to take these steps to sue a New Jersey lawyer for malpractice. Find a Competent NJ Legal Malpractice Attorney; Your attorney must review the case for attorney negligence; Attorney Negligence is found where: The lawyer owed […]

What is Military Service Discrimination? Military service in the United States Military is considered honorable and patriotic. However, military service is a protected class under the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination. This article discusses why Military Service is a protected class. Discrimination against a member of the service comes up when he or she is […]

How Do I Prove Race Discrimination? If you are the victim of race discrimination in the workplace, you may wonder how to prove it in a lawsuit. There are several different ways to prove race discrimination. Overt Statements That Show Race Discrimination Overt statements that reference race are the easiest way to prove race discrimination. […]