NJ Employment Law on Disability Accommodations

New Jersey employment law on disability prohibits employers from discriminating against the disabled. New Jersey discrimination laws also places a duty on an employer to provide a reasonable accommodation to a disabled employee. The employer must make a reasonable accommodation for a disabled employee unless the employer can show that the accommodation would impose an undue hardship.

A reasonable accommodation can mean many things. A reasonable accommodation for a disability can include job restructuring, part-time or modified work schedules, or job reassignment. An employer must consider a reasonable accommodation before firing a disabled person on the grounds that his or her handicap prevents job performance.

Under New Jersey employment laws, a request for a disability accommodation does not have to be in writing or even use the phrase “reasonable accommodation.” A disabled employee can use plain English in making the request for a reasonable accommodation.

Once an employee makes a request for a disability accommodation, both the employee and employer have to try to assist in the search for an appropriate reasonable accommodation. This is called the interactive process. An employee can bring a claim under New Jersey discrimination laws if the employer fails to participate in the interactive process.

To win a claim under New Jersey employment laws, an employee must show that the employer knew about the employee’s disability, the employee requested a disability accommodation, the employer did not make a good faith effort to assist the employee in identifying accommodations, and the employee could have been accommodated but for the employer’s bad faith.

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