Does an ethics violation by a New Jersey attorney automatically mean legal malpractice has been committed?  New Jersey lawyers are governed by the rules of professional conduct. Lawyers must follow the rules of professional conduct in their every day practices. If they do not follow the rules of professional conduct, they can be disciplined by […]

There are several different ways that an employee can sue for workplace discrimination. A workplace discrimination victim can sue in New Jersey state court. The New Jersey Law Against Discrimination protects New Jersey employees from workplace discrimination and retaliation.  Each County has its own Superior Court.  A victim has two years to sue under the […]

New Jersey employment law on disability prohibits employers from discriminating against the disabled. New Jersey discrimination laws also places a duty on an employer to provide a reasonable accommodation to a disabled employee. The employer must make a reasonable accommodation for a disabled employee unless the employer can show that the accommodation would impose an […]

If you have been in a motor vehicle accident, your ability to file a successful personal injury lawsuit in New Jersey will be based, in part, on whether you elected the verbal threshold on your auto insurance policy. The New Jersey Personal Injury Verbal Threshold The election of the verbal threshold has an enormous impact […]

Lawyers who have offices out of state but practice law here in New Jersey can be sued within the state for legal malpractice. The New Jersey Appellate Division recently made a decision in the case of Cantone Research, Inc. v. Gardner that addressed the issue of jurisdiction in a New Jersey legal malpractice case. In […]