How Long Does A Legal Malpractice Case Take?

How long does a Legal malpractice case take? How long does a Legal malpractice lawsuit take in NJ State Court? The answer is different depending on whether you are talking about settlement or trial. A lawsuit that ends in settlement occurs when the parties agree to terms of dismissal, usually with payment made by the […]

What is the NJ Unemployment Appeal Process?  When your employer challenges your unemployment claim, you might be frightened. You lost your job, and now your employer attempts to cut off your life-line before you can find a new job. This post describes the steps in an unemployment appeal. The steps are:  (a) the Claims Examiner […]

How do I file a discrimination claim? A discrimination claim can be filed on a state level or on a federal level. In the State of New Jersey, there are two ways to file a discrimination claim at the state level. The first is to file a lawsuit in the New Jersey Superior Court. The […]

What is my Legal Malpractice Lawsuit worth? It is important to know what a legal malpractice lawsuit is worth before filing a lawsuit.  A legal malpractice lawsuit can take several years to reach trial.  This type of case requires expert reports and testimony to be successful.  A case has to have sufficient value to justify […]

What is my employment lawsuit worth? What is my employment lawsuit worth?  The value of an employment lawsuit is based on a number of different factors.  In this article, we will be discussing only employment lawsuits under the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination and the Conscientious Employee Protections Act (whistleblower law).  Under these laws, there […]