Ron Wronko Wins Billing Fraud Trial

Ron Wronko Wins Billing Fraud Trial – In October 2014, Ron Wronko won a billing fraud trial in Morris County before the Honorable Donald S. Coburn, J.S.C., against a Morristown Law Firm (“MLF”). MLF sued Mr. Wronko’s clients for alleged unpaid legal fees. MLF charged its clients in excess of $100,000 in legal fees and costs. Ron Wronko defended MLF’s fee claim on the basis of legal malpractice.  Ron Wronko filed a countersuit for billing fraud. During a five (5) day trial, Mr. Wronko successfully had MLF’s claim for unpaid fees dismissed. Mr. Wronko’s clients’ claims for billing fraud were submitted to the jury. While the jury was deliberating, MLF settled the claim by reimbursing Mr. Wronko’s clients for fees they had already paid to MLF. This was a significant win for Ron Wronko and his clients.

Ron Wronko’s clients alleged that the MLF overcharged them with vague descriptions of tasks, charges at the attorney’s hourly rate for secretarial work, and double charges.  Ron Wronko’s clients also alleged that MLF committed malpractice by failing to explain important settlement terms.  At trial, Ron Wronko used a projector powerpoint presentation during opening and summation.  Ron Wronko also used a legal malpractice expert to explain to the jury the standards for attorney billing and the duties owed by MLF to the clients.  The expert explained to the jury that an attorney’s billing practices should be conducted in a scrupulously honest manner.  The expert also explained that an attorney must explain all material terms in a settlement to a client.  Through an effective trial presentation, Ron Wronko won the billing fraud trial.

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