Wrongful Death

In a case where the victim died as a result of injuries is called a wrongful death case. It is essential that a victim’s family retain an experienced NJ wrongful death lawyer.

In NJ, a wrongful death case has a strict statute of limitations. A statute of limitations is the time period to bring suit. If suit is not brought in the time period, the claim is lost forever. For NJ wrongful death cases, the statute of limitations is a strict two years from the date of death.

NJ Wrongful death cases are also different than other personal injury cases because of the type of damages that can be recovered. First, the Estate can recover the financial harm from the loss of the family member. If the family member was earning income, that person’s death has now deprived the Estate of possible added value.

Second, the conscious pain and suffering of the victim can also be compensated. If the person suffered a very painful personal injury prior to death, then the Court can award money to compensate for such pain and suffering.

Mr. Wronko is experienced with NJ wrongful death cases. For instance, Mr. Wronko was part of a team of lawyers that handled a medical malpractice wrongful death case in Essex County, New Jersey. The victim underwent lung surgery that went wrong. The victim experienced loss of blood during the surgery, which the doctor’s failed to properly address. The case was ultimately settled on terms favorable to the Estate of the victim.

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