Slip and Fall

Ronald J. Wronko is a NJ personal injury lawyer with deep experience in slip and fall cases. One of the most common slip and fall cases occurs in supermarkets. Business owners owe shoppers a duty of reasonable care to provide a safe environment to shop.

In a NJ Supreme Court case of Nisivoccia v. Glass Gardens, Inc., a slip and fall took place in Rockaway, Morris County, New Jersey. A patron slipped and fell on a grape that was loose on the floor. The Court found that the spilling of grapes on the floor was something that the store should expect would happen and that loose grapes are a dangerous condition. It was up to a jury to decide whether the store acted with proper care when faced with this risk in its operations.

Like business owners, landlords who maintain common areas or control areas where tenants live can be held responsible for injuries because of dangerous conditions. Even in areas that are under a tenant’s exclusive control, the landlord can still be held liable for an injury if the landlord makes a deal with the tenant to maintain or fix a dangerous condition.

Slip and fall accidents also can take place on land controlled by a government, like a town, county, or state. When that happens, it is important that the public entity be notified of the potential claim within ninety (90) days of the accident. NJ State law requires that a public entity be put on notice within this period of a personal injury accident.

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