Construction Accidents

In a NJ personal injury case involving a construction accident, the first step is to hire an experienced construction accident lawyer. The lawyer will then try to identify all parties who may be responsible for the construction accident.

A victim may first have a workers compensation claim against an employer. However, a victim may be able to obtain a greater recovery against other parties.

A general contractor or other contractor responsible for the worksite, who is not the victim’s employer, may be responsible for a victim’s injuries. Likewise, if the injury is the result of faulty equipment manufacture or design or because of a danger on a property owned by another, a victim may have other avenues of recovery in a NJ construction accident case.

For instance, Ronald J. Wronko represented a roofing worker who slipped and fell off of an unsecured ladder on a roofing job in Newark, New Jersey. The worker had a workers compensation action but Mr. Wronko was able to get the worker a much greater recovery in a NJ lawsuit. In the Essex County, NJ lawsuit, Mr. Wronko was able to obtain a successful recovery for this employee by identifying other contractors who were responsible for the worksite besides the victim’s employer.

Once the proper parties have been named, it is essential that an expert be hired in a NJ construction accident case. The expert has to state the construction safety protocols that should have been followed to keep workers safe.

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