Real Estate Legal Malpractice

In any real estate transaction, your attorney plays a critical role to ensure that you are properly represented. When buying real estate, legal malpractice can be devastating. You lawyer should protect you against certain risks with a thorough review of the purchase contract.

Mortgage Contingency

A buyer needs protection if he/she is unsuccessful in getting a mortgage. A mortgage contingency clause allows the buyer, under some circumstances, to get out of a purchase contract. The failure to include such a clause in the contract can constitute real estate legal malpractice.

Environmental Issues

Environmental issues can come up in the purchase of real estate. Underground oil tanks can leak over time. A lawyer should be vigilant to protect a buyers rights in the event of environmental issues, including having the right to conduct environmental assessment.

Title Search

A lawyer is sometimes responsible for ordering and reviewing a title search. Real estate legal malpractice can occur if a lawyer fails to spot problems in the chain of ownership or title to the property. If the seller has a judgment against him/her, a lawyer can also be responsible for discovering it. A judgment against a seller can jeopardize the interest in the property being sold.

Certificate of Occupancy

There are also times when a property may appear to be something that it is not. For instance, a home being sold as a two-family home might actually be only a legal one family home. A lawyer can sometimes be responsible for obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy for the property. In Saddle Brook, Bergen County, New Jersey, we successfully pursued a legal malpractice matter involving the failure of an attorney to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy for the buyer’s intended use.

Foreseeable Risks

A lawyer is also responsible to make sure that a purchaser understands the foreseeable risks of the transaction. In Ocean County, we successfully pursued a real estate legal malpractice matter involving a Lakewood attorney’s failure to properly advise his client on the risks of a real estate transaction.

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